Saturday Morning

One of the things our family is in the habit of doing is a family meeting. Sometimes the day or time changes, but always it involves treats. Today, the kids wanted a tea party – a carry-over from our homeschooling days, which we are all getting used to – and decided to have it be with the family meeting.

We got the delicate tea cups out, everyone chose their favorite tea (iced mint tea was tasty this morning), I cut up some fruit, mixed nuts and seeds, sweetened plain yogurt with a giant dash of maple syrup, and filled a bowl with crumbled freeze-dried strawberries. I know, the menu sounds familiar to my 1970’s mom giving me carob chips as junk food. But so far, no complaints about no real treats.

Now, our routine isn’t groundbreakingly unique, lots of people do family meetings. For us, it’s been a sweet way to come together AND then transition into different things, which often is hard for the kids.

Each week someone chooses a talking stick. Today that was a spoon, but we’ve have a sword, stick, straw, tree branch, and several stuffed animals. With practice, everyone knows whoever does not hold the stick must wait to talk. Work in progress.

We start off with appreciations, about the family in general and then each person. “Because we like candy” counts. Then we all tell what we liked about the last week. “We got yummy stuff” also counts. Next comes the part when a problem, preferably from the kids, is aired and we try and come up with solutions. Everyone must agree on the solution before moving on.

These days, telling what we’re looking forward to in the coming week pretty much draws blanks from the kids, you can see them thinking “not have my sister/brother around all the time”.

Be safe, and have a great weekend.

Have you tried family meetings? Any recommendations?

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