Things Kids Say


Hello! and happy Friday to you.

I love when my serious grown-up day is jolted to a new reality with a simple and often profound statement from one of my kids. Kids are astute observers and very tuned-in (right? they know our parent moods better than we ever will), and it shouldn’t be a surprise when they come up with something profound, and yet it always is. It’s true that the world is a vastly better place because of kids.

Recently heard in our family:

From my eight-year-old daughter, on why she served me a small portion for dinner: “You’re going to be sitting in front of the computer, not running a 4-mile marathon”. (I might have done one if it was.)

My daughter to my son, deciding what to do to pass the time on a road trip: “Want to play ‘I’m going to hurt myself’? It’s so fun!” (The kids both then poke their own eyes, pull their hair, punch their arms, and just like that, five minutes of the car ride has passed.)

From my 3 1/2 year old son: “Look Mom, I can put my own clothes on by myself.”

Mom: (sad face) “Oh”.

Son: “That might be sad for you.”

(Yes. Was it that obvious?)

My 3 1/2 year old son when I noticed he hadn’t peed in his pants for a long time: “Would you like me to do that?”

What funny things have your kids said? I’d love to hear!


Photos from our anniversary trip (nine years to this great guy!) to see the aspens change color in Telluride, Colorado:

Since we camped (brrrr!), we didn’t need to step foot inside any buildings and had a fantastic time biking, skipping rocks, eating a simple yogurt parfait dinner on the edge of a high-altitude lake and walking the many nearby trails. The golds were at their peak.

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