What Is Your Favorite Time of Day With Your Child?

When I used to co-sleep with my babies, I adored waking up to the puff-puff sound of their breathing. And even if I was groggy and not waking up in a great mood, they would. Their beaming smiles and little bodies cuddling closer were the best mood enhancers.

Nowadays my kids come out of their rooms already dressed and searching for food. The talking starts and the day begins. They still wake up faster than I do.

But when evening comes, our bedtime routine brings those cuddles and soft moments. Tim and I still lay down with each of our kids, read for a bit, then turn out the lights. We’re in no hurry – although it hasn’t always been this way – to get up and leave, and will often fall asleep right alongside our kids for the first hour.

They squirm and flip and toss their legs over mine, hands grappling for a final pre-sleep check to see if I’m still there. Then the slow breathing and soft puffs come. I like to breathe in their sweetness and let the difficult moments of the day drop away. And the ever-present weight of my parent responsibility lifts until morning.

What is your favorite time with your child?

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.


Tonight’s movie choices: 13th, The House I Live In, and Blindspotting. Tim’s a Sci-Fi guy so your guess is as good as mine which one we’ll end up with. Either way, we’ll be factoring in decompression time after the movie.

Every kid should have a teacher like this.

You might want to be outside this weekend after listening to this.

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